Unit Pay Registration?

Is it possible for an adult to submit an online application for a leader position, but the unit pays (also online)?

I know I can work around it with a paper app, but was hoping to do it online.

would be nice yes - but near impossible at present point - ever council records “Unit Accounts” in different ways, there is no universal system I have heard of.

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Darn, was hoping they could just send to me and we would pay with our credit card. Thanks for replying!

We have funds on account at our council. We use it for Scout Shop purchases as well as registrations.

Last I knew, there is no way to charge a UDA when completing an online app. It expects a credit card.

You could, however, email a paper application to charge your UDA, if your council will allow that. Most councils have a strong preference for online applications because they don’t require any manual intervention by staff.

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I don’t know what a UDA is, I just want the adult to submit, it come to me as a key 3, I pay with unit CC, then gets routed to COR.

UDA is Unit Deposit Account… the funds on deposit at council as @CD32 had mentioned.

Your options are:

  1. Sit beside them as they fill out the app and enter the card you want entered
  2. Reimburse them
  3. Paper application (possibly emailed in)

We had someone submit it in person and used a unit debit card. No other way that I know of.

Please note that sending applications via email may result in personal information being stolen.