Uploading a Patrol Emblem Picture & National Honor Patrol Award

I have seen some previous post threads, including Add photo of Patrol Badge to Patrol page

Seems that “No” is the easiest answer, rather than “How can we do this?”

Let units upload their own photos for Patrol Emblems. Post a notice that all emblems must comply with BSA policy regarding licensed emblems as stated in the current Guide to Awards and Insignia. Put the monkey on the unit’s back.

To use the “unlicensed” emblems as an excuse ignores the selfsame issue with uploading your own photo. I have seen lots of personal entries in Scoutbook where individuals use “unlicensed” gifs/jpegs/pngs such as Marvel or movie characters for their avatar. Most of the time, I am sure this is out of ignorance.

If Scoutbook posted the warning and notice, and let units upload the Patrol Emblems, this seems to be a solution where Scoutbook would not be required to monitor that content.

Would you please educate me as to why this can not be?

Also, please add the ability to use the National Honor Patrol Award. If the Patrol Method is at the heart of Scouting, then you should support this award which recognizes and strengthens the heart of Scouting.


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