Venturing Outdoor Ethics awards

I noticed the Venturing version of the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award and the Outdoor Ethics Action Award don’t show up in Scoutbook under a Venturer who is only registered in Venturing. The two do show up in Scoutbook on Venturers also registered in Scouts BSA.

The Venturing award versions are still on the awards pages. Is this in the backlog or is it a bug?

@RobertMckeever pretty sure SB is functioning properly - I do not see a Venture version of those awards at - there is just the Scouts BSA Version - therefor the scout would need the Scout BSA Advancement Toggle turned on in Crew. - Venturing Awards FAQ | Boy Scouts of America

Jennifer posted the link to the Outdoor Ethics Awards page for Venturers. The Awareness award requirements mirror those of the Scouts BSA requirements. I had not compared in depth on the Action award.

(why some Awards are grouped by type of award in BSA’s site-map and others are grouped by program, I don’t know)

@DonovanMcNeil & the SUAC - were you able to determine if this is a bug (award not coded for Venturing) or a feature (intentional)?

I do notice that the Awards are mostly alphabetical in sorting display order but S comes before P on the Venturing list (Venturer/Venturing participant only - i.e. no multiple registration) - Several Scoutstrong items (Venturing) appear in between the National Park Service Scout Ranger Award and the Paul Bunyon pair, where one would expect the Outdoor Ethics pair to appear, and where they appear on Venturers who are multiple registered in Scouts BSA.


The above is the standalone Venturer/Venturing Participant Awards page listing, vs the same as a Scouts BSA/Venturer multiple page for same:

MOST of the Venturing-related awards (other than the “special-interest” Ranger, Trust and Quest) are added to the end of the list, but the Scoutstrong items are spliced out of order. The Scouts BSA version of the Scoutstrong set are listed under S. Some awards, like the NOAA segments. have Venturing and Sea Scout alternatives baked into the options on the same award listing. Where the requirements are the same - such as with the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award - that makes sense. The Action award requirements while similar are different, but not in a way that could not be coded into the existing one like the NOAA segments. Though the website requirements do contain a bad reference. 4c refers to requirement 5 but there is no requirement 5 on the Venturer version of the Action Award. I presume this 4c is referring to the area in 4b.

Thanks for looking into this issue - resolving it will help Venturing participants see in Scoutbook that these are awards available to them, and be able to be entered in the same platform as other ranks and awards in the BSA advancement database of record.

This is still unresolved - the new Messengers of Peace v2023 items (x4) are there but the Outdoor Ethics Awards are not.

@RobertMckeever It is in development.

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