Webelos Assistant Den Leader/Assistant Webelos Leader

Just discovered that Scoutbook uses the term “Webelos Assistant Den Leader” while Akela uses “Assistant Webelos Leader”. One of my leaders had both listed and I couldn’t figure out why until I discovered one was added by Akela. Is there a mismatch in the database? Assistant Webelos Leader is not an available option in Scoutbook.

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Position Titles

  • 33066_Cub_Scout_Insignia_WEB.pdf (scouting.org), page 27 - position insignia is “Cub Scout Assistant Den Leader
  • Cub Scout Webelos Handbook, 33452, 2015 printing, page 14, uses “Webelos assistant den leader” (for grammatical balance?)
  • Registration Guidebook of the BSA (2019), page 36, WA - Assistant Webelos Leader
  • CS 19 basic position-specific training requirements (2020-08-03): NOTE: DEN LEADER (& ASSISTANT DEN LEADER) INCLUDES LIONS THROUGH WEBELOS

I would expect Scoubook to be using the title currently in Scoutnet/AKELA. I do not know if the titles will be combined in Scoutnet/AKELA when Scoutnet/PAS is retired.

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