Adding leader to den

I am having trouble added a leader to a den. It is only giving me the option to add to wolf or bear den. he needs to be added to the webelo den. it does not find him when i do the search to try to add to the webelo den.

Maybe it has to do with the role in which the scouter is listed in Scoutbook. Is their position in Scoutbook a Webelos DL, or as a Cub Scout DL? I think you have to be listed as a Webelos DL in order to be added to a Webelos den as a DL.

@SaraFrisch - are you following this:

he is listed as an assit den leader. I am the committee chair.

just says assist den leader

@SaraFrisch - can you go to the unit roster, then click on that leader, then scroll down to where the add role button is, then click on that and in the position list you can scroll down to find Webelos Den Leader near the bottom.

when i do that it does not find him.

@SaraFrisch - where is this person listed as ADL ? Could you post screen shots if possible

what is the user bsa #

his bsa number is 12045702


You need to contact your Council registrar. According to Akela, his registration as Assistant Den Leader started on 8/1/21 but is not marked Current so Scoutbook will not let you add him as a leader.

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thank you i will contact them

I heard back from the council. she said national now shows him as an assistant den leader. i still can only add him to the wolf or bear den and not the webelo den. is this a bsa thing or scoutbook thing?


You need to add him as a Webelos Assistant Den Leader in Scoutbook. Assistant Den Leader is per BSA policy only for Wolf and Bear dens.

It won’t let me. I go to the den, pick add leader and it won’t find him when i try to search for him.

never mind I figured it out. thanks.

so I figure out how to get him to show up as a webelo assist den leader. I now need to add him as a webelo den admin. the search feature when you go to add is not finding him. how else can i add den admin to him?

go to him in Roster and click add position

so i click on his name and go to where is shows all his positions? then what

As I said - an admin goes to roster > clicks positions > the clicks Add position at bottom of page