Webelos Badge - Does not advance to AOL

I was marking some of my Webelos as completing their Badge work today. On three, it automatically pushed them from 100% complete to 0% complete (AOL). However on two scouts, it did not automatically push them from 100% complete. Instead it marked Completed (even after approved) but did not advance to AOL work. On the screenshot attached, you can see Completed Date 4/24/2021 but when I go to approve it, the date is 12/6/2020. Just wanted to make you aware of this odd feature.

On the first screen, look to the right. What’s that date? That is different than the date it was marked complete on.

Jacob, yes 12/6/2020 was the date that auto-populated. It should auto-populate with 4/24/2021. Once I changed it to 4/24/2021 and approved it, the progression advanced. The date 12/6/2020 coincides with the date on requirement #1. Shouldn’t the code draw in the most recent date on requirements?

I see what you are saying now. Yes, that seems like a bug.

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