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What is the Message Inbox for?

When using Scoutbook to send a message, there is an inbox and deleted option. Both options are always empty. No matter how many messages I send through Scoutbook.

So each time I send a message there is no record of it, and each time someone responds there is no record of it. All responses go directly to my email.

What am I missing?

These are only for messages the council sends via Scoutbook.

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I set up a filter in my email account to send all emails sent from Scoutbook to a “Sent from Scoutbook” Label(Gmail) so that they don’t show in my inbox. This way I have a sent folder for Scoutbook that I can refer to anytime. You just have to be sure you have selected yourself when sending the email in Scoutbook to receive a copy. Replies to the email come to my Gmail inbox.

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