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Email Responses?

When I send an email to my troop, how or where do I see responses?

Responses will appear back in your e-mail client, not in Scoutbook.

Thank you. That’s what I thought but I’ve not gotten any such responses with multiple message sent from SB so I thought maybe I was expecting the wrong thing.

Well 2 things here

  1. people do not read anything but title of emails - think of what you do in mornings - go through and delete email based on title
  2. SB emails are very bad about gong to SPAM folders

Good points. I’ll remind everyone at tonight’s virtual meeting of the email address from which SB sends messages so they can ensure their SPAM filters aren’t sending them to the junk.


Is there a way to validate that the emails I “think” I’m sending are actually going out? Only 2 of 10 people got the message I sent out earlier today.

Copy yourself on the message. “It’s the only way to be sure.”

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension, you will automatically copy yourself.


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