When clicking on an event, it just go back to the dashboard

Hi, I’m new. and when i clicked on an event it just goes back to the dashboard. I see other people clicking into an event. you have the option to choose RSVP and other detail stuff . But for me whenever I click on it it just go back to my the dashboard. I have clear my cache in chrome and also tried on my cell phone. Same issues.

My BSA is

my son
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

@SongVoong - I suspect that you and/or your son are not included in the invitees for the event(s)

That is not the case… I should at least be able to click on an event and allow me to add my son to it. But it seem like all of the event i click on it just go back to the main dashboard. So frustrating… Anyway to fix this?

@SongVoong - the unit has to add you and your son to the events… you can not do it

Here is what it looks like…

@SongVoong - yes because you are not on the invite list

Ok. let me ask my unit to add me. Thank you so much!! i thought it was a glitch.

@SongVoong - no problem… they should be sure to add you to all future events as new members are not automatically added

Stephen, do you know where to go to add new memeber to all future events? is there a document? or instruction?


The Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox an add new Scouts to multiple events at one time. Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for “Scoutbook”

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But you have to be a unit admin for it to work to add scouts

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