Scoutbook event invite lists destroyed

Continuing the discussion from March 22, 2023 Scoutbook Updates:

For some of our upcoming calendar entries, sometime between yesterday and today, the entire invite list was wiped out except for a handful of adult leaders. We have now lost not only the parent and scout ability to see the events, but all of the RSVP information for the upcoming events.

Scoutbook staff, please restore our information.
It appears the affected events may all be ones that were on calendars for both of our linked troops, some others that are just for one troop don’t seem to be affected.


I have reported this to the developers.

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Can you provide the BSA Member IDs (no names) of a few of the Scout’s that were removed from calendar invites? Note I do not need them all.

I am noting the same thing occurred with our calendar events as of this morning. We lost ALL our Scouts from our RSVP list for what appears to be all future events (troop meetings, camp outs, etc,) and only a few leaders remained.

129477758, 130829747, 133660269 are three,


Are these events on multiple calendars or just on a singleTroop’s calendar?

The first two events I looked at were on both of our Troops calendars


Thanks. We believe this issue is isolated to multiple unit events. I know it doesn’t make you feel better but it does help us narrow down the scope of the problem so it can be properly addressed.

The same thing has happened to our linked troops – only a few random adult leaders remain as invitees for our events; all of the Scouts and most of the parents have disappeared. This is a disaster for us. I hope it can restored and we don’t need to do it manually.

@JesseArroyo @TimothyMcAllister1 @JonHaider

Last night’s change was rolled back. Can you check your calendar entries to see if they were properly restored and let me know?

Looking at mine RSVPs are also good

Yes, it looks like things are back. Thank you.

Yes - ours look to have been successfully restored as well. Thank you!

Hi, Ed,

I haven’t checked every single entry, but I did look at several and they all seemed to be properly restored.



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