When doing events with RSVP, include the link to the RSVP or add RSVP options directly in the Email that is sent

Our Pack sends out quite a few events, which require RSVPs.

It would be nice, if Internet Advancement would either include the Web Link to the RSVP in the event email OR add the functions directly in the email to select your RSVP Status that is sent for the event.

@JamesDavis15 - it already should do that if you check the rsvp box

We have sent out a few events with that box checked, and in the body of the emails we never see a link to do RSVP.

I attached two screenshots, one of the event that was created, and one of the email that was sent to the families:

@JamesDavis15 - I see that was from the 16th and I think that the RSVP was corrected. The SUAC team can verify

Yes it should be working now


Thank you @DonovanMcNeil we will try it again with a new event and hopefully all goes well! Thank you for your feedback on that, and thank you @Stephen_Hornak for your quick response!

@JamesDavis15 - just to confirm the rsvp link is in a reminder email i got today. This works.

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