Automatic RSVP links in emails

RSVPs are rarely used. One way to improve that, by making it much easier to RSVP, is to have “RSVP Yes” and “RSVP No” links included in the emails, so that just by clicking the link, you will RSVP—no need to log into Scoutbook, find your name, click on it, and choose the correct option.


We use them exclusively. There are improvements, like your suggestion, that would help a lot. Also, don’t email the people who already said yes or no, and have an end date of when you need to RSVP by and then either auto mark no, or mark “too late” or something.

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Let me rephrase that. “In my experience, people rarely RSVP for events.”

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Thank you for posting this. Cubmaster here. I was just having a discussion about using Scoutbook for pack events, and I pointed out that when I was a den leader, I had a consistent problem with parents not using the Scoutbook RSVP function. This would be a disaster for a pack meeting, where we can get 100 people, and we need to have a fairly good attendance estimate in order to buy snacks, etc. I couldn’t remember whether there was a link in the reminder e-mails, or whether the parents had to navigate to Scoutbook and sign in in order to RSVP. I’ll add this to my pack’s discussion. It’s not impossible to create an expectation that people will use Scoutbook to RSVP, but it is a learning curve.

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Personally I don’t think the lack of RSVP has to do with needing to log in. I have used systems that do not require login and the response rate is about the same as those that do. I believe the current generation of parents has many who don’t RSVP for anything.


I could see the benefit of one-click RSVPing, but the options for the RSVP response is Yes, No, and Maybe. As long as the event email asking for RSVP has a direct link to the event page, that should be sufficient, and would allow the responder to see the most recent event details and attendance before making their decision.

*I would note, getting people not used to RSVPing to RSVP is another matter entirely.

There is a link, but the procedure is: Click on the link, log into Scoutbook, know that you’re supposed to click on your name (which it says nowhere), click on your name, and choose “Yes” or “No”.

I honestly suspect that the current generation of parents has many who has no idea what “RSVP” means.

When even in a pack - my experience is only have of parents take the time to click a link to finish connection

Sure, but “Maybe” is the same as not responding at all, so I don’t see a need for that option.

The only real problem I see with implementing this feature is that Scoutbook only sends one email, even if the parent and child, or even more than one child, are both/all invited. So that would have to be dealt with in some way—likely by having multiple links in the email.

Or maybe the whole RSVP process can be thought through, tested, and improved to make it actually function well.

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