Contact only positive RSVPs

The RSVP feature is useful, but could be far more useful with a few tweaks. In particular, the ability to (a) contact only the people who have RSVP’d “yes,” or (b) to send reminders to those people who have not replied would be hugely helpful. Especially (a) - there are always follow-up things to send, and rather than blast everyone with the forms, payment requests, etc, contacting those attending an event would be hugely easier with these tweaks to the tools.


I know this is in the backlog, because it’s been requested many times before. SUAC hasn’t been given a date for which such a feature will be released.

I figured. I guess if we keep asking for it as updates are going on that it will become a bit more of a priority. It seems like a relatively easy thing to implement.

I believe some of what you are asking for is available on the feature assistant extension.

It would also be useful if someone previously replied yes and then changed that reply to no if the organizer were notified.

Oh wow - this feature extension has exactly some of the features I need! Thank you! I wish the existence of this feature extension were more broadly disseminated, or perhaps actually included in SB by default.


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