Where do you record ILST in Scoutbook?

Can someone direct me to where you input ILST training for the scouts? I do not see the category anywhere in scout-book or internet advancement

Thank you.
Deatrice Williams
T96 Advancement Chair

@DeatriceWilliams you do not record it in scoutbook - a Key 3 or Key 3D can record it in my.scouting.org - Training Manager

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I was just looking to find out what happened to the ILST and NYLT records. So the ILST records are now gone from the Scouts Scoutbook account? I use to enter it in Scoutbook so we could keep track of the training. I do see the past NYLT when I run the Scouts BSA record, but no way to enter it any longer? Is that something the NYLT Course Directors will be doing from now on?

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Official training records have never been maintained in Scoutbook. They have always been in my.scouting.org. Several years ago the BSA made the decision to stop syncing training from my.scouting.org to Scoutbook. Any Key 3 or Key 3 Delegate for your unit can add training for Scouts in my.scouting.org.

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There used to be Unofficial recording in Scoutbook - but it confused (obviously) too many users. True recording has always been in my.scouting.org > Training Manager. On who records ILST/NYLT etc - it depends on council is best answer.

What happened to the old ILST records, I entered them in Scoutbook last year.,

ILST is usually recorded by the level that does the training. If the troop runs the ILST training, then the troop should record the training for its Scouts.

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