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Add ILST to a Scout's training record?

It only shows adults when I try to add ILST to a scout. Can we track Scout training in We have it entered in Scoutbook, but were told the training part of Scoutbook is depreciated. Also, they don’t show the training patch in Scoutbook as well.


You need to send an e-mail to to request new features in

As a district training committee member I can add training for adult volunteers to the official BSA training database, but training completed by youth has to be added by my council’s registrar.

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Am I reading this right that Scoutbook youth training is also not syncing to ScoutNET, like the adult training?

At the top of the screen, it says " Instead of manual entry, try out our new ScoutNET Sync! It will automatically bring in Ryan’s training from the BSA and keep it in sync on Scoutbook. All you need is Ryan’s BSA member number."

Scoutbook training has never been synced TO ScoutNET. All Scoutbook ever did was run Training Validation in Legacy Tools of and do screen scrapes to read the data.

Official training in maintained in ScoutNET. If you need training records updated, for adults you can contact a Key 3 member of your unit, district or council training committee member or council registrar. For Scouts, only council registrars can update training records.

I may have worded my question poorly. I said sync “to” but I meant “from,” to validate entered training.

For youth training, at the top of the screen, “Instead of manual entry, try out our new ScoutNET Sync! It will automatically bring in Ryan’s training from the BSA and keep it in sync on Scoutbook. All you need is Ryan’s BSA member number.”

There is still a sync button and it still says “syncing,” but as I’ve learned with the Trained Leader Report, that may not actually mean anything.

Does the Scoutbook youth training page still automatically bring in training from the BSA ScoutNET and keep it in sync on Scoutbook?

David - I know for Scout’s that had training entered in the system it would pull that in. So as an example if the scout record in scoutbook showed no training but then they did ypt, nylt, or other training that got recorded it did place the record in scoutbook. Not that it was ever a dynamic sync. But it did work.

Stephen, I’m going to “pour water into one side of the pipe to see what comes out the other side.”

I stopped by the council office to ask about youth training, specifically a recent NYLT course. They referred me to the training person who said she doesn’t do it because even they can’t see youth in

She said they “empower the units” to enter youth training. She advised having the youth member create a account (linked to their member ID). Then the unit Top 3 should be able to see them and enter training (adult, like YPT & youth, like NYLT).

So, we’re going to test this out to see how it works. First test is if Top 3 can enter training on the youth. Second test will be if youth training will then flow to the youth’s Scoutbook training record. Will let you know what happens.

Key 3 are unable to enter training for youth. It can only be done by council staff via ScoutNET, not The courses are listed in but there is no way to select youth to apply the training.

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Councils enter youth training and they are the only ones that can - some are just to lazy to do it.

I wish had as open of a development cycle as Scoutbook. We need to turn on the feature where the key 3 with a training delegate should be able to do this.

Training Manager is due for a major upgrade this year. Youth training tracking was one of they items they hope to address with the upgrade or shortly after.


That will be very welcome. Do they entertain any beta testers? :grin: