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Whitewater and NOAA bugs

  1. When I enter the Whitewater Rafting BSA award, it still shows the emblem on the Scouts profile page (although small and at a degraded resolution compared to all other awards), but now it lists it as the Summit Activity Whitewater Rafting Emblem on the Needs Purchasing and Needs Awarding reports. The item number on the purchase order correctly identifies the Scouts BSA Whitewater Rafting Emblem when you look it up at scoutshop.org.

  2. We approved completion for a Scout for the Camping and Conservation segments of the NOAA. This is the first and second segments for that Scout. The segments and the initial base (center) emblem appear on the profile page, however the needs purchasing and needs awarding report only list the segments. It does not capture the need to buy the center emblem for a Scout receiving their first segment. Someone going to the Scoutshop with a large purchase order list may not be aware they need that additional patch. Recommend updating the reports to capture this on the first NOAA segments earned per Scout.

Scouts BSA National Outdoor Awards Emblem

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This has been added to the backlog. Thank you for the report.

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