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Add Whitewater BSA Award to Awards List

We have a group of scouts that have completed the Whitewater Rafting BSA award, but it is not listed in Scoutbook. Can you please add that?


This is in the development backlog. We do not know when it will be scheduled for implementation.

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Why not solicit help from some of us programmers? How hard can it be to program? Ifyou provided code from an award already on the system, it could be modified to support Whitewater Rafting BSA; that way you’d only have to Review and test it.

Common question! The BSA has taken the position that they’re not farming it out to volunteers. Why hasn’t really been shared by the BSA.

Saw that…but you’d think the Admins or BSA programmers on here would know “why” and could answer the question.

SUAC assumes it is a Data Security and PII issue. Volunteers code something BSA Programmers are still going to look at all that code to make sure it is not malicious.

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