Another request to add Whitewater BSA to the Awards list

It was originally asked almost three months ago by another user, but there have been no updates since: When can we expect the Whitewater BSA award to be added to Scoutbook? The award has existed for two years and I have 7 scouts who’ve earned it. Any ideas?


Award information


William B.

Please add the new whitewater rafting award.


Awards, June-July 2018
Bill W. replies:

2018-06-28: Whitewater Rafting BSA Award
There is also a separate Whitewater merit badge.
2018-07-28: Whitewater Rafting BSA - Requirements are listed in 2018 Boy Scouts Requirements , 33216, 2018 printing, SKU 641568, pp. 288-289.


Inquiry and reply reporting project management task description (story) had been done.


I’m a programmer… send me a copy of another (similar) award and I’ll code it for you. Then all you’d have to do is put it in place.


This is exactly what I feared would happen when the BSA purchased Scoutbook, then made it free for everyone. With no income coming in for this product, support and resources will dwindle and it will slowly wither on the vine.

The BSA is continuing to invest in Scoutbook. The people working on Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, the Scouting App, etc. has not declined since Scoutbook became free. There are many competing requirements on the toolset so it takes time to get requests completed. There are new features added and/or bugs fixed every week.

The BSA does not release the code or accept code contributions.


Why not accept code contributions? It was originally built by a volunteer. I want it to work as much as you do.

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Greetings all…we have a number of scouts who earned Whitewater BSA this summer. Please consider this ANOTHER request to get it added into Scoutbook so that we can keep track, etc. Thanks.

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Ken - I completely agree. I don’t understand why some of these requests to add an award aren’t “plug and chug” simple clones of awards that are already there. We aren’t asking for some major automation or database restructure. Adding or deleting a simple award within a given program (Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, Sea Scouts) should be fast and simple.

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