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Who can use Calendar

I am an Assistant Scoutmaster, and former Den Leader/Pack Admin. I was an early adopter to SB, and eventually had my Pack commit to most of the SB features.

At the Troop Level, I am not currently involved as Unit Admin for our Troop’s SB. Having gone through the growing pains of SB over the last few years, I am in a unique position to push our Troop to adopt the feature of SB.

Can permissions be given to a leader and/or scout to use the Calendar without giving those folks “full control”?


The calendar permissions are currently tied to positions / roles. Unit (Troop) Admins and sub-unit (Patrol) Admins are automatically connected to Scouts with Full Control permissions.

In order to give them access to the calendar, you need to add adult leaders as a Secretary or Unit Outdoors / Activities Chair (you can have more than one). You also need to make sure that they are connected to all Scouts in the troop with View Profile permissions or higher.

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thank you. very helpful

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