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Based on the advice here i have removed almost everyone as an admin and put them in for what they are. The issues now is I have 2 people a Den Leader and the Advancement Chair who are not listed as admins and they can not make events in their calendar.

Do you have to be some type of admin to use the events or does our system have a glitch. They found a glitch that our time zone was never set up right so I dont know if this could be another thing not set up right or do I just not have the permissions right. 1 is listed as a den leader in scoutbook and one is listed as the Advancement Chair.

You can list one person as den leader in multiple dens and connect those scouts right? I know BSA does not like that but sometimes you have not choice.


You have to me a unit admin, Key 3, committee secretary, or outdoors activity chair in order to modify the calendar. Subunit (den or patrol) admins can also modify the calendar for their subunit.

They would have to be a den admin of each den for which they want to edit the calendar if they are not a key 3, unit admin, outdoor activities chair, or committee secretary.

For the timezone issue, send an email to

No you fixed the time zone issue.

Ok So i guess my question would be to follow up,. If you are a den leader why can’t you adjust your dens calendar with out being an Den Admin… Would seem to me that the Den leader or Assistant Den leader should be able to create a calendar due to their position?

Then so I am clear in assigning roles every den leader needs to be a den admin to use the calendar?
And Advancement Chair would need to be a Pack admin to use the pack calendar?

Isn’t that giving people too much authority in the program just to do the calendar? Is that something that could be looked into for future upgrades?

As Always thanks for the responses

The role requirements for the calendar have not been changed since before the BSA purchased Scoutbook. There are items in the development backlog to change how permissions work but we do not know when they will be scheduled for development work.

At this time, we recommend den leaders also be made Den Admins.

Personally, I don’t see why an Advancement Chair would need to edit the calendar, however, if that is how your unit works, then you can add the Committee Secretary role to only add calendar access without making him/her an admin.

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Ah, yes. I remember that.

It’s conceivable that a unit may not want an ADL to have calendar edit rights for one reason or another. Although, most probably would want them to.

His thought was that he could put on the calendar when all the leaders need to have their advancements in so when he runs the report everything is up to date. We are just starting to use this so we are a little clumsy yet LOL.

When you say add him as secretary to only have calendar rights can we edit the rights of each admin user? Or is that just the only right the secretary has?

Is there a list of each Position and exactly what authority each one has?

By adding the secretary role, the only extra capability they will gain is to the calendar.

This may help: Granting Roles and Permissions in Scoutbook (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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Ok thanks… Sorry one more question. If you change a role to full control that gives them basically the same control as an admin would have right? So they could stay as a den leader with full control and then be able to use the calendar?

An admin automatically gets full control access to all Scouts. For Unit Admins, all Scouts in the unit. For Den/Patrol admin, all Scouts in the Den/Patrol.

A Den Admin can also change the den name/number. I believe that and calendar access are the only added permissions over full control.

So if i change the den leader roll to full control, they would still need to be an admin to do the calendar? I guess that was the question i was trying to get at what do we gain by making a den leader full control?

Sorry this might be easier than i am making it but struggling with the Full Control aspect and what that gives the title.

Yes, we highly recommend that all Den Leaders be given the Den Admin role as well.

Full Control is a connection type between an adult and Scout. It does not give a leader any privileges outside of the Scouts. While Den Admin forces full control, it also adds calendar edit ability.

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ok thanks… So really no logical reason to change position titles to full control then.

Full control isn’t a position title - it is a type of connection between adults and Scouts. Adults can be connected to Scouts with:

  • Full Control
  • Edit Advancement
  • View Advancement
  • Edit Profile
  • View Profile

(or a combination like: View Profile / View Advancement)

In order to be able to edit the den calendar, a Den Leader needs to also be a Den Admin.

Thanks everyone for the help and the conversation

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