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Calendar Permissions

We are trying to grant permissions to the assistant scout masters to add events to the calendar for the troop. We do not want them to have the same level of permissions as the key 3, but do want them to be able to schedule and manage the outings they are in charge of, including marking attendance. Is there a way to grant them the added permission to the calendar without giving them key 3 permissions? If not is this planned and when can we expect it? As currently it is causing a very few amount of people significantly extra work.

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If you want to give them access to the troop calendar, you can add them as a Secretary or a Unit Outdoors Activities Chair (you can have multiple adults in these roles)

If you want them to have access to the patrol calendars, you can add them as Patrol Admins.

Thanks I gave them all the roll of secretary yesterday and today they are saying that they still cannot add anything. I will try the role of outdoors activities chair to see if that fixes the issue.

What is happening when they say they cannot add anything?

Also, how are they connected to the Scouts in the troop?

Adding the role of Unit Outdoor/Activies Chair to each of the Assistant Scout Masters did change their setting so that they are now saying that they can create and manage calendar events. For the questiosn asked since my last post. It was reported to me that adding the Secratary role did allow them to see more options on the calendar but not actually create calendar events. I have no idea why as I am trouble shooting with them via email. In relation they are connect to the scouts as Assistant Scout Masters as their role. They were using the calendar feature, then when the single sign on was implemented it appeared that their calendar permissions changed. Each assistant scout master has a patrol that they are admin over however our issue was scheduling entire troop outings. Thank you to everyone for the assistance.

I believe the Secretary cannot add or edit Den / Patrol events, but should work fine for the unit calendar.

Please see if they can fix this- I don;t understand why they have this so controlled. Giving everyone who needs to add events to the calendar the position of Unit Activities Chair diminishes the actual AC and is a goofy way to go about things.

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Hi, @JenniferMcCarthy,

Granularity of permissions is a long-standing point of contention in Scoutbook (far earlier than BSA’s purchase). I understand from previous discussions in the old fora that increasing granularity is not something that is easily done as a result of the existing code base.

Personally, I’m holding on to hope that the “revised” calendar module that is in the development pipeline somewhere has greater granularity embedded in it, so that a future roll-out of an updated permissions structure might allow for what a lot of us are asking for.

IMHO, there are valid reasons for not simply permitting every Committee Member and/or ASM and/or adult associated with the unit to have write-access to the unit calendar. Without the ability to set the permissions in a granular way, that’s the “best” that I suspect the developers could achieve with the existing code base.

concur, but let folks like ASMs add tentative changes to the calendar pending approval by the Key three. Similar to how things are entered into advancement pending approval. As an ASM, I’d rather post a proposed calendar update for approval by any of the key three that think I have accurate knowledge of events (hopefully all three!) than send the key three an email and ask them to post something on the calendar.

I would add to this discussion that the Scribe or SPL should have calendar item creation/editing access. This supports a Scout-led troop, and could be accomplished via a granular permission - which I understand is not easily done.

I’d like to see the Scribe update events during or immediately following PLC. Another way to update events is to have the Scribe post his PLC notes in the Troop forum (which we do) and then he could edit events.

Our troop plans 6 months out at PLC, and refines the closer events, and puts fine detail with patrol assignments, etc. on the upcoming camp out and meetings. I generally sit in the room and edit events in real time, if I can keep up. Imagine a world where the Scouts do this!


I agree. How is the scribe supposed to enter meeting/event attendance?

The Scribe can use the Scouting App (available for iOS and Android) to take attendance. Currently there is no ability for the Scribe to enter new or edit existing events.

Understood. As long as an admin has to grant the calendar permissions, this would be a great addition.

We use a dummy adult account (Troop Webmaster) that the PLC members have access to.

This account is set up as a Committee Secretary, and has “view profile” and “view advancement” permissions for all scouts in the unit.

We’ve been testing this out for a couple of months, and it seems to work really well. The Scribe can use the account to update the calendar and send broadcast emails to all the scouts, parents, and leaders in the troop. The SPL and patrol leaders can use it to check on the progress of the scouts in their units when they’re planning events.

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Thank you for the reply. That’s a great idea!