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Why Internet Advancement 2.0?

@StewartStryker - no need to apologize. I fully understand your sentiments. What we can hope for is a far better end product now that things are migrating a new and more stable platform than scoutnet has been lately.


We started using Scoutbook on February 1 when we founded our Troop, because it was my understanding that this would be THE internet advancement tool that BSA is using. It has been challenging to get parents and Scouts fully on board and I was going to make a push in the fall to get the stragglers set up. However, now I am reading this thread and I am wondering if that is the best decision. I am not interested in pushing hard to get everyone onto a system that will be obsolete soon or if we will then have to migrate everyone over to a different system.

If IA 2.0 is what we are REALLY going to be using, I would rather switch to that before pushing everyone on board.

I am not completely computer illiterate, I have been able to help the parents who want help to get them set up on Scoutbook, but I don’t understand the technical conversations about APIs or operating systems, which means I don’t fully follow what is being said in this thread.

Bottom line, if I stick with Scoutbook, am I going to have to transition my whole Troop to a different interface within 3-5 years?

Internet Advancement is intended for use by units that do not use Scoutbook. It writes to the Scoutbook database. If you do not have another advancement tracking program, Scoutbook is recommended by the BSA. Scoutbook will continue to be the advancement tracking software of the BSA.

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Thanks for clarifying this.


In your reply from May 19th, you are saying that if we are using Scoutbook, we will not need IA2. Some parts of Scoutbook seen to be forcing me to use IA2 even as soon as two days after the previous post was written. What gives?


The log term plan is to move Scoutbook functionality currently written in an obsolete system to a modern programming stack. That stack is the basis of Internet Advancement. As functions are migrated to that stack, the user will be automatically redirected to that new function.

Units do not need to use the advancement functions of Internet Advancement if they are using Scoutbook for advancement.

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement share the Scoutbook database, so writing advancement final completions in either platform will be visible in the other. Internet Advancement does not support advancement or award requirements. Requirements can only be marked complete in Scoutbook.