" One Advancement Software Suite!" - the end of Scoutbook?

I saw the post under BSA Announcements about “One Advancement Software Suite!”. The post did not specifically state it, but am I wrong in reading into the post that eventually Scoutbook will fade into the sunset? From the post, I understand the best features of Scoutbook will be taken and integrated into Internet Advancement which implied no more Scoutbook in the future.

Curious mind - that’s all. :slight_smile:

It is more of a merging and it has been going on for at least a couple years now. Due to agile development, and low funding, it has been taking a long time.

I understand the merging; I’ve seen it happen with the architecture/construction industry software I use for work where there’s software acquisitions and slowly over time, they kill the software they acquired by merging its features into their bigger platform.

Up until now, I’ve only used Scoutbook for my Pack but I’m transitioning with my son to a Troop and just agreed two weeks ago to take over Advancement by the end of the year. They currently don’t use Scoutbook at all (something about TroopWebHost and uploading a CSV export) so I’m wondering if I should start trying to figure out Internet Advancement, or if Scoutbook will remain an option for input in the long run?

Stay in “Scoutbook” and as parts get migrated over, obviously use those. IA isn’t as polished in the “duplicated” areas. The main use has been those who upload outputs from 3rd party systems.

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement use the same database. Scoutbook is based on obsolete technology that is becoming hard to find qualified developers. Internet Advancement is based on newer technology.

You can think of Scoutbook and Internet Advancement as two different User Interfaces to the same data, however, they have different capabilities.

The long term plan is to move all Scoutbook functionality to Internet Advancement. Currently, only Scoutbook tracks advancement requirements. Internet Advancement only track final completions. If you want to track progress, you must use the Scoutbook User Interface.

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