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Wrong Address on Advancement Report

On the last two Scouting BSA Advancement Reports I have prepared for our troop, they list the same but wrong street, city, state, and ZIP code for the physical address for the chartering organization. Everything else is okay. The address is correct in both Scoutbook and Troopmaster Web 2.0. The reports were generated from a Troopmaster Web 2.0 Import text file into IA2.

What address shows up in the Organization Manager at my.scouting.org?

yeah I am trying to recall where to see Charter address and cannot find it

You can display the charter certificate from Organization Manager, but it doesn’t show the Chartering Org’s address, just the name. I thought it used to include both.


The correct address shows up in the Unit PIN in Organization Manager. It did also on Advancement Reports as recently as June 2020.

Now, here may be a clue: Prior to the sending the first Advancement Report import text file to IA2 yesterday, I may have been using a VPN on the web browser; however, today, when I sent the Advancement Report to IA2, that VPN was not in use. The same web browser was used both times (and also back in June).

Here is the correct address (from Scoutbook). “Monticello” is the district name.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 2.09.26 PM.png

I’ve sent you a DM to collect some info. Look in the upper right corner for a notification.