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Printing Advancement Report

The good: I use a third party software (not Scoutbooks) to create and successfully upload my advancement report to IA2.0 with no reported errors.

The bad: For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to print a hard copy of the report, nor find any useful instructions to do so. I have searched every forum, and spent literally several hours trying to find a means to print, to no avail.

About a week ago, I uploaded 5 advancement reports. All apparently successful. All indicate “processed”, but only one appears in the “run report” tab. I can download that one to get the actual report, but what about the other 4?

Today, I successfully uploaded another advancement report. It is currently “pending”. Same issue: how do I print it?

Ten years as Troop Advance Chair, and ready to give up over this.

@albertcatelani - this link may provide some insight:

Thanks for the reply.

Been there. No help.

@albertcatelani - what do you see when you click on the reports on the left side under profile ? If you are beyond stumped I can run a screen share and we can take a look. If that would work, please email me and we can take a look.

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