Internet advancement roster

I just finished playing with the new Internet Advancement 2.0 and printed of my units roster and found several errors. How do I get these corrected?
Addresses for all members only shows street - no city/town
expiration is listed as 1/1/19 when it should be 3/31/20
Unit tenure is listed as 21y 2mo 26d when our unit is well over 80 years old
Also when I viewed the roster on my laptop the executive officer on top is correct but the top is different from my tablet - but both list the correct EO/IH in the roster information.

Send specific errors and give example PDFs and screen captures with exactly what the errors are, unit type, description, council name, and as much information as you can on the members in error and the advancements in error (and specific screens/reports you are seeing errors on) to: also carbon copy me at and I will make sure the development team gets the information.

Bill Nelson
Scoubook User Advisory Council

I just took a look at the roster report for our troop in IA2.0 and note the same anomalies. The data however is correct in my.scouting so not sure if the API took a snapshot and ran calcs on an invalid charter duration date. I can provide snapshot and PDF in the morning.

Thanks, Steve. Send it over and I will forward it on.

Stephen, would you send me this information by email please? In the email put in exactly what you are seeing wrong.

This issue should now be resolved, if you were seeing it in the past, please look again.