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Wrong images used

There’s a bunch of old images in use that need to be replaced/removed

The Bear rank is using the old patch everywhere. The color changed
Baloo the builder is now a brown image on gold
grin and bear it is now blue green on silver
the summertime activity pin for bear changed color

the old webelos diamond patch that no longer is used (it only went on the blue shirt) or sold shows in several places.
-the list of dens
-the patrol page
-the rank advancement diamond earned by a scout

I’m in the process of reporting all of these. But it doesn’t look like the updated grin and bear it is available on scoutshop.org. So, I’m not finding the right SKU for it. Do you have a source for that one?

What is the source for these change?

BSA home web page

Does not show the “gold” background (primary color). I assume to show the icon bettter.
BSA Home > Programs > Cub Scouting > Cub Scout Program > Cub Scouting Adventures, © 2020 Boy Scouts of America® or earlier.
I am assuming Scoutbook could use the images on the above web page,

Scout Shop

Scout Shop: Adventure Loop - Grin And Bear It Item: 619954 (date unknown)

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© 2019 Boy Scouts of America® | National Supply Group. All rights reserved

Guide to Awards and Insignia

Cub Scout Adventure Loops and Pins
Adventure Loops, worn on navy blue Cub Scout belt only. The blue belt may be worn with the Webelos tan uniform (see page 14).
Adventure Pins, Webelos Scout, worn on the Webelos colors or on the Webelos cap

Guide to Awards and Insignia, Section 2, Cub Scout Insignia, p. 22 and p. 24, 33066, ISBN 978-0-8395-3066-4, ©2018 Boy Scouts of America, 2018 Printing

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