2 accounts using the same email

I somehow signed up for 2 scoutbook accounts. Member numbers are 14597841 and 14597845. Ive paid to be a leader on one of the accounts but im not sure which one. I need the one without the leader registration deleted please (and to know which login is kept).

Danielle Powers

@DaniellePowers I see the 2 accounts but I do not see a leader position for you - did you just turn in the BSA Adult Application?

I submitted it online last night and paid the enrollement fee at the same time.

When you were logged in to register did you use the uppercase sign on or the lower case?

or the 2005 or the 05 - which ever one is the one to keep

I think it was the 05 account I used last night

I found my application number if that helps 200657701

it has alot more log ins

MAke sure unit leader know you submitted one

He walked me through it at last nights meeting so he’s aware

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