Multiple IDs for Email

I have a leader who i believe has created multiple IDs. BSA member ID 14207210, scoutbook ID 12408545. Can you help find and merge accounts so she can access the tools? Thanks!

@AJWesseler looks like she made a new login - her old login (logged in 12/13/23) is everything before the @ of her email - can she still use that?

When she tried to login with her new login, it clearly wasn’t tied to anything. She was generally unsure how to log in, and instead of doing forgot password, she created an account from the scoutbook email link (create your account) and somehow created a separate user. Does that help?

So she wants the new username saved and the old one erased then? will connect to the correct account

yes let’s do that. If the new login info can be connected to the existing account information, that should solve it!

ok that is fixed to new username

Thanks for your help. I’ll get with her to verify

Any reason why her account is still showing pending in scoutbook? Thought that would clear when this is all synced up. I’ll wait to get with her until we verify that part

it means she has never logged in

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Hello Donovan, Looks like I have the same problem. I’m a new parent and set-up a duplicate account for myself. The correct Member ID is
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

The bad on is SB User ID:

Could you please make sure any payments made under the bad user ID are linked to the correct account?

Christina S.

@ChristinaSullivan1 we have nothing to do with payments - so probably best to check with your unit before the accounts are fixed

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