Duplicate account/email/IDs

I am having the duplicate account/email error, and I think the problem is that I have two Member IDs: 14863566 and 14394988. Each one seems to be associated with one of my children.

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@RobertLamott I am working on this for you.

@RobertLamott I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

I have also removed your e-mail address from your children’s Scoutbook accounts. However, it is possible that your e-mail address might get applied to their Scoutbook accounts again sometime, due to the automatic membership update.

Thank you, I see both my kids now!

I’ll try to give them their own emails, and hopefully override any automatic updates

can you check on this parent. I believe they never got a single sign on.
She is not able to log into scoutbook or my.scouting. Can you check to see if this is the issue and or give other suggestions.

Troop 42
(removed by Moderator)
Green Mountain Council 0592

She has one son who is a scout.

Thank you

@WilliamKett I am working on this.

@WilliamKett This parent does have single sign on.

She has 2 BSA member ID numbers. The one she should be using is 130957238.

If she is having difficulty logging in, she should be able to reset her password at my.scouting and using the chatbot (“Betty”).

She tried but it said she did not have SSO. Maybe now it will if you did a merge?


I did do a merge earlier today right before I posted.

I would recommend that she try logging in at my.scouting, first.

will do

thank you as always!!!

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I logged into SB today and was greeted with the following error:
“Warning another user is using the same email address. If this is unexpected contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook forum.”

My email address is (removed by Moderator). My primary BSA ID is 14632942. There could be others as I am a district MB counselor and I still have an old ID from another council where I still consult my old unit. I think I had this problem earlier this year that was fixed, but perhaps rechartering brought it back (only a guess).

Is there somebody on the forum here who can please help?

@ClatorButler We can remove it, but it would likely come back due to the automated membership update.

If you have an alternate e-mail address, we could put the alternate e-mail on the BSA member number with your old council.

If there is a second ID, please use (removed by Moderator). If there is a third, please use (removed by Moderator) . Thanks!

@ClatorButler Which is your primary council?

My primary council is Colonial Virginia Council.

@ClatorButler This should be fixed.

You might want to talk to your council Registrar about having your name be slightly different between the two councils. For example: one council might use your full middle name, while the other council uses your middle initial.

Error message is gone. Many thanks for your help.

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I’m getting an error message about another account using my email address. How do I fix this? Additionally, we recently moved, and although the pack is listed correctly, the council on my profile is the old one. Perhaps the duplicate accounts is related to that? Thanks for any assistance you can provide (I’ll pass along my email if I can pm someone who can help).


Your e-mail address was on your son’s Scoutbook account. I have removed it.

Are you now in National Capital Council or Colonial Virginia Council?

Thank you for helping with the email address error! I’m now with the Colonial Virginia Council.