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2019-2020 Wolf Requirements

When the switch is changed to 2019-2020 in the Wolf requirements, there are only 4 required adventures and is says “Complete each of the six required Adventures with your den or family:”. Seems that Council Fire and Call of the Wild are missing.

@DrewQ trying to figure this out - on the official page it says 6

In References it has 4 - https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/references/cub-scouting/ranks/wolf/
On advancement page it has 6. I think the Six is correct

Thanks @DrewQ. I just saw this too. We’ll get it reported to the developers.


We have been told this is fixed.

It is fixed, thank you for the prompt action.

2019-20 & 2016 rank requirements - Pamphlet exercises are the same, but are not linked. When toggling between years, a leader will need to manually update the pamphlet requirement.

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