"A calendar wasn't found" error

I’m trying to add a den calendar into my Calendar app from the link in Internet Advancement and I’m getting the error below. All the other den and pack calendars for my pack came over without a hitch.

A calendar wasn’t found on https://api.scouting.org/advancements/events/calendar/66650/199552. Check the URL.

Here is the calendar link: https://api.scouting.org/advancements/events/calendar/66650/199552

@DavidWelch - that calendar is empty… are you seeing events in IA

There are no future events - yet. Parents will still want to switch to the new subscription link so they don’t miss out. Do I need to add placeholder events to make the calendar valid?


Yes, please add a placeholder event.

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@DavidWelch - and that is not an error but a statement that there is nothing to subscribe to

This is not a good user experience and someone needs to add this to the bug ticket list. Placeholder events mean that parents are seeing (and planning for!) events that are fiction and leaders have one more thing to maintain/remember/update.

Additionally, “no calendar found” is not the same as “no events found”. I have calendars on Google and iCal that do not require events to exist or to subscribe to. These are not equivalent errors, respectfully.

@DavidWelch - i was able to add that calendar url subscription to my google calendar. clicking the link in a browser will tell you that it is


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