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Potential bug with calendar events not showing in Scouting app

I have created new Den meetings in ScoutBook for the new year. The events are not showing in the Scouting app. The Cubmaster created an event for August (Pack sign-up night) and this event DOES show in the Scouting app. Not sure if this is a bug, but trying to resolve so my parents can use the scouting app. I have both Den and Pack admin rights in Scoutbook. I did include planned advancement with the Den meeting. Please let me know if other information is required to troubleshoot.

ETA: please feel free to move to ScoutBook bugs if more appropriate category. I know the event is correct in ScoutBook, so I’m not sure where in the link between ScoutBook and the Scouting app that the bug may reside.

Check if the den events have the invitees listed.

Yes. I invited all adults (to meet the 2 adult rule) and all Scouts in the Den.

I am having the same issue. I added my Den meetings, ensured all members of the Den are invited and waited overnight for the app to update. However, more than 24 hours later the events are still not showing on the app.

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Is this potentially a bug related to the new Cubs 123 app in development (and perhaps interfering with calendar events from flowing into the Scouting app)?

We’ve been told their is a known bug that the developers are working on.


Has there been any update or solution on this? We’re experiencing the same issue. Thx

There was a Scouting app update released today that said it fixed this bug. It did not. It also indicated that it changed the percent completed/attended to match current calendar year. It did not do that either (at least for the iOS Scouting app update). Just wanted to provide the feedback.

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