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Ability to Designate a Leader on a Calendar Event

Noticing that I created most of the events on the Calendar for the Pack. When the RSVP’s come out, the reply comes to me. I would like within a Calendar entry to designate a “Leader” so that I can create the entries but the replies would go to someone else.


I haven’t run into this situation yet, but can see it coming up very soon. As Committee Chair, I’m inputting everything into ScoutBook now, but am in the process of recruiting others to coordinate the events (schedules, collect permission slips, etc.). These volunteers will most likely be parents, and will not be the same for every event. I can see this feature being very helpful.

Additionally, I would like to see a way to put a deadline, or cutoff date for the RSVPs. What we have run into is someone replying “Yes” after a posted deadline and thinking they were all set. We were able to work things out, but not without a bit of panic and scrambling.

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