2 calendar feature requests

Hi there! 2 things we are able to do in TroopTrack that we don’t appear able to do on the ScoutBook calendar are the ability to set an upper limit to the number of RSVPs, after which registration automatically shuts off and the ability to set a date after which the ability to register turns off. Are either of these on the horizon? We know we can manually turn off RSVPs, but then you can’t see who has RSVP’d unless you turn it back on.

I have forwarded your request.

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Hi there! Any updates on having RSVP deadline is scoutbook events? It will help us to plan events efficiently. Thanks!

@MathewJoseph1 - this request was made a day ago… I would think it would be a bit longer before any changes are made and if it is worked into the plan.

I know this is an oft-requested enhancement, but what’s been posted in the past by SUAC folks is that major enhancements to the calendar system (assuming that they are adopted) are only expected to hit after the calendar system moves from the old (Scoutbook) system to the new (IA2) system. I wouldn’t expect to see a change like this before then at the earliest.


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