Add Leader Calendar

It would be great if we could have a Leader Calendar that is separate from the Pack Calendar. We try to include things like Wood Badge, BALOO, UofScouting, Roundtables, District/Council Leader Events, but these are of interest only to our Leaders and clutter the Pack Calendar (which we use for parents). It would be great if there was an extra Leader Calendar. I’ve seen this request for OA, but not Leaders.

Agreed! Perhaps more generically, the ability to add multiple user-defined calendars. For example:
-I’d also like to do the leader’s calendar, for committee meetings and training opportunities
-I’d like to be able to have a calendar for specific types of events - things like “all conservation project opportunities” or “all hikes”
-I’d like to be able to have a calendar for district/council/other opportunities (where pack leadership may or may not go but people can go if they want, like Scout Days at the local baseball stadium)

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