Ability to set event type to "District Event", "Council Event" or "National Event"

Is there a way to add the option when adding something to a pack or troop calendar in Scoutbook to the event type of “District Event”, “Council Event” or “National Event” ? If such an option does not exist, can that get added?

The reasoning for this is that currently when adding district/council/national events to the calendar admin are forced to just use the event type of “other” which uses the same color on the calendar as pack events so these other events blend in and look like pack planned events which can be confusing.

I do not think this feature exists at this time.

Part of the calendar challenge at this time is that national, council, districts, units and users are using different calendars, event management systems and notification software.


Bill I understand that, but that is not what I am asking for. I do not want to link to district, council or national website calendar. I want an option when entering something into my units website that designates it as a district, council, or national event and then show it in a different color on the calendar than a pack event.

That will not happen, as it is the hope (it is already there in background) that Districts, council, etc - can post things in future - from a unit standpoint it makes no record-able difference

Yikes! Hopefully they will exist on their own respective calendar layers that can be hidden or unhidden by the units? It can already be challenging when there are multiple events on the same day. If units get inundated with additional events in the calendar that they can’t manage/hide, it’s going to drive them away from using the calendar at all.

That would be the idea.

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But from a unit perspective “Other” is just as good as District - there is no Tracking matrix.

I wish there at least a way to change the color of those district and council events so things just don’t bleed together. My unit wants all of the events on the calendar, I know because I was tasked with adding everything known between now and May 2023; but there are a lot.

You could create an empty patrol and only add district/council events to it. People would have to select that patrol on the calendar to see it, but it’d have its own color.

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