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Wouldn't it be great if I could access my District's calendars from within ScoutBook?

I realize there are links to my Council and I can click through and browse to the District calendar to see upcoming events that are available but perhaps my Troop isn’t participating as a group. Wouldn’t it be great if I could check a box to get these to show up directly in my ScoutBook calendar in a different color / shade?

Or, if leaders could select events (like camporees) on a District calendar and just select “Import” to add them to the Troop Calendar? Then updates that come from the District for those events will automatically be inked into fields for those events. A worthy feature that can save cut & paste time and eliminate human error and miscommunication!


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Very valid points and I second this idea. I like the idea of different colors/shades. I also like the real-time updates that would happen to the event.

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The BSA was actually considering such a feature several years ago but after surveying Councils and districts determined the effort was futile. The problem is there is no “common” calendar system used by Councils or districts. Even within a single Council, there are multiple calendars used by the various districts. Since every calendar system uses a different method to import/export data, this is an almost impossible problem to solve.

At one time the BSA tried to standardize a calendar system in my.scouting.org. I do not know of any unit, district or Council that adopted it.

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