Access to Training Records

As the troop Scoutbook person and a troop Scoutbook Admin, I’m the one who records both advancements and keeps track that leaders are current with their training. The Scoutbook blog said that Scoutbook is no longer going to be tracking adult training. But to have aceess to training on my.scouting, I think you have to be a C3, which I’m not. Troop trainers are generally not C3 either. When I tried to check training on My.scouting, the only records I had access to was mine.

Can you give us a little more info on this change - will we be able to see our training on Scoutbook? What will we see and what will we lose? Is there any move to allow the troop Scoutbook person, whether it be the advancements person or the troop trainer, to have access to the troop adult training logs on my.scouting? Any info you can provide on this would be much appreciated!

Margaret Chalmers

@MargaretChalmers a K3 from your unit can go to my.scouting > Organizational Security Manager > enter you as Unit Training Chair and you will have all the access that you need - this is an annual thing that has to be done after recharter

A Key 3 can go into the organization security manager within the my.scouting tools to make you the Unit Training Chair (under functional positions). That will give you access to all of the training reports they have.