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Accessing the Unit Activity Summary report and more in Commissioner Tools

To view a short video on where to find and how to use the new unit Activity Summary report (plus the unit Advancement report and printing the unit charter) in Commissioner Tools the Commissioner Technology Team recommends you view this video: https://youtu.be/P1n_FWtYnkI

These were options a few days ago. Now Commissioner Tools does not show up in my District menu, but only in the Council menu and I have to navigate down. As a consequence, I can never get to the selection which allows me to see the print icon for a unit in Commissioner tools.

Thanks for the note. BSA IT had it fixed early this morning (I personally tested it.) and it came back. They are investigating.

For what it is worth, Commissioner Tools IS working on the mobile app.

Robert - Assuming you are using the web version. once you have navigated to a district, select the CONTACTS tab and then all the units in the district will be available.

Commissioner Tools was missing (again) last evening from the menu choices, but I tried multiple browsers between 6-7AM EST today and it was there. Additionally, I was able to get into Commissioner Tools using all browsers listed below for which I did clear cache again before trying to get in.
• Chrome
• Brave – private window
• Brave – private window with TOR
• Edge
• Firefox
• IE <<< Did not show announcements on landing page
• ViaSat

I am able to open Commissioner Tools, but unable to run the Advancement Report

After selecting the unit, did you try clicking on the PRINT icon? It is working for me…

Working now. Hmm… wasn’t when we started our District Committee meeting. Glad its working now though.

Thanks for the update… chasing sporadic and intermittent issues is always very hard.