Empty Activity Logs for Unit in the Contacts area

When I try to run an activity report from the Print Icon in commissioner’s Tools-> Contacts → print Icon → Activity Summary Report

the run button does not seem to work, or no data is available.
and this goes for any unit I have access to.

My Dates entered are: 1/1/2022 till 12/31/2022

Sample Unit in question: Territory 15, Colonial Virginia Council, Monitor Merrimac District. Pack 143
but all units are like this when I try to run the reports.

I’m trying to collect the activity reports on all my Councils units so we can do an end of year comparison.

This was working up until about a week or two ago.

Chrome is up to date
Version 107.0.5304.107 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Also happens under Microsoft Edge
Version 107.0.1418.42 (Official build) (64-bit)

Thanks @WilliamRichards1 I have reported this to the developers.

We have found a few reports that were affected when they upgraded the database. Although as I look at this report for a Pack, not sure how many categories really fit!

But the dev team will be able to correct.

Packs do camp and have service hours, its not part of advancement but it helps the commissioners see just how active they are.


@WilliamRichards1 as a Council Commissioner, I concur with you. This is very valuable information for all Cub Packs and they also HIKE. In fact this is a requirement for many required adventures. So again, all information is valuable for all unit types (@RonaldBlaisdell )

Hi Will - The Activity Summary Report has been fixed. Please try again. Thank you.

Confirmed! Thank you!

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