Duplicate Accounts Won't Merge

I have accumulated three BSA IDs somehow, all of which I have merged via my.scouting.org.

My original account is BSA ID 12456691 and has all of my training, position information, and merit badge councilor information attached. I have it set as my primary and I can access all of my Pack Admin tools at my.scouting.org.

However, during the last recharter cycle, I lost all Scoutbook access to my own children, my Pack, the Troop I belong to, and my Merit Badge information. When I look at my profile, I see this:
BSA ID 12456691
UserID 12332852

However, when I look at my profile in Scoutbook (using another leader’s access), my profile shows:
BSA ID135596746
UserID 2379268

My third BSA ID is 135790096, but it appears not linked to anything.

I have gone around and around with my local council trying to fix it with “National” but have had no success in regaining access to my Scoutbook account with all my proper credentials.

I am now appealing to the forum. Please let me know if you have any advice or can help.

Jesse Miller

@JesseMiller SB is fixed and I think your training is good - sometime you have to play with primary MID in Manage Member ID to gt training in - BUT REMEMBER when you do this it effects your log in to THAT MID - so you will not get into Scoutbook

Thank you! I just confirmed I can access Scoutbook.
This has been a three week long battle gaining and losing access as I swapped between accounts.
I appreciate the help!

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