Adult Leader Account Merge Request -

Hello! I have a leader that appears properly my.scouting roster and Org Manager (MID: 129488773), but Scoutbook is reporting that he is missing from the unit roster.

His Scoutbook account ID is 2742782 and is showing a MID of 137395225. Can you please merge his Scoutbook ID into the correct MID?

Thank you!

@AndrewDykes the user has 2 MIDs for positions - the council needs to clean that up. The Scoutbook is cleaned up now

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user needs to also use login to get into SB

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Thank you @DonovanMcNeil ! I will contact council for the duplicate MID issue.

I found one more adult leader that needs a merge.

my.scouting MID is 12246134

Scoutbook ID is: 2208801
Scoutbook MID is: 136870172

@AndrewDykes this second one is in the same boat - council is not searching for users - but there is only one SB user that I see

Ok, so you are saying that Council did not search for the existing user when they processed the transfer?

probably - both have MID for Pack leadership - and MID for troop leadership

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