Activity log inport option

It would help if we had a way to inport activity logs thought other systems such as troopmaster this way if a scout moves to another council or troop the new troop would alredy have theses records this way the scout can pick up where they left off on so they are not having to come up with dates and activites making the transfer process more dificult.

Well as Troopmaster and other third parties removed features like that from their products - talking to them would be the first place to start

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Yes, It would help make things more seamless and reduce data errors latter on in a scouts junrney to egale scout.

@MichaelWard2 - as has been noted the fact that third party scout management applications have reduced the export of data is NOT a scoutbook or BSA issue. Would it be easier or better for units unfortunately you would need to take that up with them.


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