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Importing from TroopWebHost

We are transitioning from TWH. All of our scouts, leaders, parents, and completed advancements are loaded. What’s missing:

  • Activity Logs (camping nights, attendance, etc.)
  • Partial merit badges

How do we import these without manually recreating all this?

Currently there is no import capability for logs. They must be input manually, however, with the log system, you can create unit events and add Scouts & Leaders so this should reduce the amount of work.

Advancement, including partial MBs can be imported via the Troop Roster Import page, however, it may be faster to manually add the partial MB data to Scoutbook.

That’s a bummer - we have scouts with 5+ years of events. This will take weeks to update properly. Is there a way to upload past calendar events?

Is there a template to upload partial merit badges? All the help files are circular references.

Roster Import template link takes you here:

This link takes you back to the first link:

Those say you can import, but no instructions I can find and no templates.

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when I transitioned platforms I went in to each scout and made one event for everything - so the scout had 65 night camping on one day - it is much faster and serves the purpose

Yeah, good call - bummer to lose all that history. We’ve moved three systems in 10 years and have been able to port that data each time. Frustrating that Scoutbook makes it very complicated to get started with an existing unit.

Also makes it hard to calculate for specific items: OA camping nights = X over X period, no more than 1 long term camp; Service hours used for a specific rank; etc.

On the OA front, it only looks backward 2 years from the present. Based on that, I would try to catalog camping within the last two years in some “detail” (dates, nights, scouts & adults by event). Then, you could pursue @DonovanMcNeil’s approach of “smearing” the information as needed to get it in the logs.

Personally, I’m enough of a twitchy engineer that I would probably see what the text/CSV export file from TWH looks like, then try reformatting/pre-processing that in Excel so that I can more easily generate the input data to add to Scoutbook manually. For example, create an “event” worksheet that more or less matches the layout of the campout event interface. Then, figure out a way to scrape information related to that event (e.g. event name) from the export file. That information (start & end dates, # days, # nights, list of scouts & adults, other misc info) would get compiled in the “event” worksheet, so I could more easily transfer it. Repeat ad nauseum for other events that have logs implemented (currently hiking & service).

I would work backwards in time creating the events and input everything as it existed. But as I said, I’m a twitchy engineer. That doesn’t necessarily make me the best role model in cases like this. :^)

This is a major shortcoming of Scoutbook. We really need a way to import activities.

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