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Activity Logs (IA2) Information & Help

For Activity Logs (IA2) I am trying to find:
a. August 2020 announcement
b. A short presentation that can be used to introduce Activity Logs (IA2) in a roundtable news report.
c. Instructions and help.
d. Available training.
e. Information on and how to generate summary reports at the unit, district and council levels.
f. Who has access? How?

For activities I am looking for at least read-only access for the district activities and civic service chair, district camping and outdoor activities who should be elected district members at large.

(For recorded advancement information the district advancement chair should have at least read-only access.)

Part of @ CharleyHamilton reply:

So far I have found:


District professionals that have access to read the information

  • District Executive (Organization Security Manager Role)
  • District Director (Organization Security Manager Role)
  • Senior District Executive (Organization Security Manager Role)

Activity Logs in Interactive Advancement

Internet advancement is used to collect advancement data OR activity data. If you are using Scoutbook to record advancement you should not be using Internet Advancement to record advancement. (There a few exceptions for data transfer.)

Per the help “Introduction to Internet Advancement (IA)” the following Activity Logs