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Activity Logs to IA

Couple major issues

First our parents are having a huge issue with this. It is very different from Scoutbook which none of them are familiar with.

Secondly when ever I click on a scouts activity logs, it takes me to the wrong unit

When I do get to the correct unit I have the entire roster instead of the scout I was in

How do we include this information in the scoutbook reports

When I click on the scout, I see nothing

I am key 3 so I should have access to approve as should parent.

I am also frustrated with Scoutbook having changed how it tracks things like hiking miles. When I click on enter activity log, Scoutbook takes me to Internet Advancement. Why can I no longer track miles in Scoutbook?

@TommyDeweese - the move of the logs was to place it in the new code stack. This will allow for more enhancements that the users have asked for.

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That may make sense for Scouts BSA but not for cub scouts where parents are Akela and can enter an sign of on items including service hours. if we can not do this we will not be reporting our service hours which I suspect will not make local council happy.

@JohnColligan - did you not see the link on how parents can enter logs that I posted above ?

Well that is a good thing. But I still not understand how we can log service hours. Our by laws state the parents need to complete all items in scoutbook. Do we not report our service hours?

@JohnColligan - have you looked at it, the parent can log youth service hours, hikes and camping. The unit leaders can log unit service, hikes and camping. Please read through it.

Stephen. Yes I did and it looked annoying but workable until the last line where a leader must approve it.

Also until we are out of lock down no real way to train everyone

@JohnColligan - I would point out that just as with advancement there is a approval there is there not ? Not really any different save for it being on the new program stack. The approvals are done by The key 3, UAC and key 3 delegate.


That is no different than other requirements.

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I can’t believe they removed logs from Scoutbook (SB) and put it on Internet Advancement (IA). The whole point was the flexibility of storing everything in one location. Now we can’t use SB for logging anymore, and because I’m not a Key 3, we have lost access to everything that has previously been logged. Hasn’t the message for the past 5 years been to move away from IA and to go towards SB? Are they going to get rid of SB now?

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@DannyZayas - the move away thing was a move away from scoutnet on which the old Internet Advancement was built and run. That is done and advancement is now on scoutbook.scouting.org along with the logs. This allows for the enhancements that have been requested by users as the scoutbook code will not provide the enhancement ability.

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How do you export the camping, hiking and service hours to a CSV like we used to? The “Run Report” button does absolutely nothing.
I know that you keep saying that these “enhancements” will help, but maintaining 2 systems is not feasible for the user or troop. If your goal was to make things more complicated, then you have succeeded.
As a software developer, I am constantly asked to make enhancements, but if you don’t keep the end user in mind, then what a few in the organization may find as an enhancement may be the opposite for the majority of end users. Please keep the end user in mind…since this is only an hour a week job…cough cough…

Why do you need the report in CSV? The new logs should be the ultimate destination for your tracking info, shouldn’t they? What two systems are you talking about?

With that said, you can run the report to the screen (not to PDF), and a normal Windows copy and paste of the resulting table into Excel works perfectly fine. Rows and columns are intact, number formats are preserved, and

I can see a concern about backing-up the information, or sharing it with someone else who handles it for the unit or district, particularly given the current limitations on access. Besides, as @Stephen_Hornak pointed out on this or another related thread, backups are good. :^)

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My son turns 18 tomorrow and I want to save a record of his accomplishments. I realize that it shouldn’t just disappear at 18, but what about at recharter? Then we have no records of what he has accomplished. Or some one does somewhere…The old system was much more user friendly and easy to use…
Also, as an admin, I still don’t see how to generate a report for my son OR the rest of the troop for camping or hiking.

His data will still be in the system. I recommend generating a Scouts BSA History Report for him before recharter time, otherwise it will only be available with his BSA Member ID and last name.

It may be in the system, but good luck finding it - my youngest child, our third Eagle Scout, reached Eagle with two palms, but I can’t - to this day - get anything that documents this, and it’s not in a history report although our council “keeper of advancement” says she sees that he earned them. My guess is she’s looking at the paper report turned in when he made Eagle. I’m just lucky I printed out a copy before we switched away from our old advancement AND that I was an advancement chair, and could access. But as to whether it’s really there in his record - not that can be seen by our new troop advancement chair.

@MarthaMaloney Is your youngest still in a troop?


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