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Activity Log approval in IA 2.0

I’ll diplomatically state that I am less than thrilled with the migration of Activity Logs to IA 2.0 and BSA’s slow march away from the simple, easy-to-use, everything-in-one-place design of Scoutbook, but since the change has been made and we need to learn how to live with and/or work around it, I’ll let that be the extent of my griping.

With that in mind, can someone please explain how Activity Log approvals work? I am Unit Admin for both a Troop and a Pack, and I am also a Den Leader. I was able to log in and enter service hours today for both units for Memorial Day flag planting - 3 Scouts and 3 adults (including myself) from the Troop and one Scout from the Pack. All of the entries are saved, but they are showing as “Pending Approval.” Am I able to approve as a Unit Admin or Den Leader? If so, how do I go about doing so? If not, who from each unit is able to approve, and is there a plan to allow Unit Admins, Key 3 Delegates, Den Leaders, Advancement Chairs, etc to approve entries?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Currently only Key 3, Key 3 Delegates and Unit Advancement Chairs as designates in Member Manager in my.scouting.org can approve logs. There is an item in the development backlog to expand this list.

Thank you for the quick reply. Our Scoutmaster looked around in IA 2.0 but couldn’t find where to make the Key 3 Delegate designation. I’ll ask him to try doing it on my.scouting.org.

It needs to be done at my.scouting.org using the Organization Security Manager.

Hello, I am a Unit Advancement Chair. How do I approve the activities? They are showing up as pending approval. Thank you

Just want to clarify I am also designated as the Troop Admin in both Scoutbook and IA 2.0.
How do I approve the activities?

There is no unit admin role in IA2. What positions show on your record in organizational security manager at my.scouting.org?

Hi Charley, thank you for your help. My Committee chair was able to go in to the org security like you said and change me. but he has a question; there is a “Registration Inquiry position” should our membership chair be set to that? Thanks again, Rebecca

@RebeccaBenjamin1 - that is actually not a bad idea.

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@RebeccaBenjamin1 Depending on how much access they want to give to the membership chair, they could consider Key 3 Delegate. Registration Inquiry is a more limited functional role.

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I agree with @Stephen_Hornak. That could be very useful. Helps avoid the Key 3 or K3D having to handle backchecking of membership records during updates (e.g. recruiting drives).

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I agree - this is a problem. I hope they fix it before scouting starts up again in the fall. This is pretty much a show-stopper for our troop.

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I agree. BSA also took away to report service hours directly to the JTE Service hours reporting web site as well. I have 50 scouts in my Pack and 71% of the leadership has moved back to the USA this summer, and we are meeting every week and conducting a hike, community service, or camping all summer, so it is up to me to log all events and track summertime Pack Award and Outdoor Activity Award, and IA2 is the worst software I have encountered in over 40 years of computing. I have started an excel spread sheet to track scouts hard work so it will not be lost. I guess in the development progress the Centralized Control won over what the end users needs are for scouting.

The unit membership chair position no longer exists, It has been replaced by the New Member Coordinator who has full access. The “registration inquiry” function is read-only.

Online Registration - Invitation Manager

Unit positions that have full access to the Invitation Manager Dashboard to add leads, manage inquiries from prospective Scouts, and send joining invitations:

  • Chartered organization representative (CR)*
  • Committee chair (CC)*
  • Unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Skipper, Coach)*
  • Institutional Head/Chartered Organization Executive Officer (IH)
  • New Member Coordinator
    • = Members of the Unit Key 3

The Unit Key 3 can assign a “Registration Inquiry” functional role to other unit volunteers who need read only access to view lead status and submitted requests.

Online registration overview . PPTX (BSA)

That is because these hours are now automatically reported, doesn’t get done by the unit anymore. That is part of reason for the change in reported method.

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