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Activity Logs to IA

I am having an issue. I am logging a 5mile hike for my troop. I can see the scout is in our troop roster but when I created and went to document that he participated his name is NOT in the drop down list. Need help fixing this. I have attached a doc w/ the screen captures of this.InternetAdvancementIssue.docx

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@LeneWalters - what if you select that scout at the roster page then in the gray bar look for record progress, click on that and add that way ?

@LeneWalters - on the image you posted Joseph is already part of the event - that is why he is not in dropdown

Just want to bring this back to my original post where the issue is still un resolved. Parents can mark items approved. But that is not relevant as servixe hours did not need to be marked as approved. Our parents would enter the hours ans we would run a report at year end to get totals. Which is all that matters. Then enter the total for J2E in bulk never by individual scout. Why would we ever need ti do that. If you want us to enter our service hours you need to make it easier for volunteer leaders not needlessly complex by entering in multiple system for each scout for each project.

@JohnColligan - you are not entering service hours in multiple systems. If the service hours are entered in scoutbook.scouting.org then that is automatically calculated into the JTE service hours system. If you look at servicehours.scouting.org it is only now tracking Eagle projects. Perhaps I am not following the issue or concern.

I will add that the change to scoutbook.scouting.org has not stopped my parents or scouts from entering any activities. They have even kept the practice of lengthy and interesting notes.


When we click on the scout for service hours it takes us to IA. IA is the secobd system.
Also how do we count service hours from non scouts


The idea is that when you have a pack or den activity, a leader creates the activity for the entire pack or den, and then parents can join their Scout(s) to the activity or a leader can add everybody’s information. If Scouts are doing service projects on their own (not part of a pack or den activity), then the parents (or the Scouts for older programs) can add their own information.

As @Stephen_Hornak said, the service hour details are now being fed to the BSA’s service hours tracking system, so there is no need to separately enter them for JTE at the servicehours.scouting.org web site. (Exception: Eagle Scout service project hours are usually entered by districts / councils as part of the Eagle Scout application process.)

When you add a service project entry, there is a place at the bottom where you can include hours for non-registered youth and non-registered adults.

IA 2 New service projects

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There is an area to total non-registered youth and adult hours in each service activity

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When i visited this initialky their were bo break our.

But the main ussue remains aboiut being a seperate and different system. We will need to revamp our training materials. hold all new training sessions. And again do leaders need to approve? uf so that requires a change to by laws

The intent, as I understand it, is to eventually replace Scoutbook entirely with the new IA2 interface. I don’t personally like the idea, especially given how clunky I find the IA2 interface, but that appears to be the BSA’s plan going forward.

Based on my poking around, in order for an event to show up in the report logs, a leader will need to approve it, as the system is currently structured.

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Thanjs Charley. It will just be easier to not log the hours

@JohnColligan - if a parent or scout enters the log data then it needs to be approved. If the unit enters it then it is auto approved. Why take the route of punishing the scouts and the unit because of the change. That seems wrong and completely unfair to me. How will you break this news to your unit ?

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How does tgis hurt thr unit or tge scouts. I doubt most do nor even consider service hours. We only enter to help council. Our leaders and committee are the ones who do not want to be bothered with it. We have much bigger issues then BSA IT inability to consider imoacts on the units.

It hurts the units because you need to document your service hours for JTE.
It hurts the Scouts because they need to document service hours for advancement.

If you decide not to do it, then your Scouts won’t advance. That seems like a pretty big problem,and a huge disservice to the youth of your unit.

There is no requirement for service hours to be logged for any Cub Scout rank. So your answer puzzles me, As for J 2E We have hit Gold 6 years in a rrow. We do not need to score any points with Service Hour KPI as we are consistently at the top of all of the other KPIs

I’m not sure this is the right place, but I have an IA2 activities issue and can’t find any previous posts and don’t know how to start one,. My issue is that I have a whole lot of scoutbook activities that are moved over to IA2. I am unable to edit them and all of the start dates of the activities are the date that I entered them into the system…IE, I entered about 10 activites for several months past, and they all now have a start date of Feb 2, 2020. So I can’t really look at the calendar because all my years for activity entries are grouped into less than 10 days on the calendar. HELP

When I try to record a service hour log for my children, the first page I get to says ‘Error - not found’. When I create a service project, everything can be filled in, but there is a blank under ‘Registered Youth’ that doesn’t fill itself in. I cannot save the item because it creates an error under that says the memberID is missing. So, somehow the youth is not being put into the field. My daughter tried doing this to record her hours and received the same error. I get this with both children, who are in separate troops. I am able to record my hours, which would be helpful, except I’m no longer eligible for any Scout ranks.

I keep getting “Error validating” message when trying to create a Hiking Log. This is my first time in the new format (rather than Scoutbook). Is this just a bug, still being worked out?

@SandraOwens What are your position(s) / role(s) in the unit?