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Leaders Entering Service Hours and Hiking Miles for their Scouts

Hello! We are having an [most likely user] issue with entering service hours and hiking miles on IA. Please read my entire description before responding as I searched the forums and did not find this new issue anywhere already listed.

1 - Up until recently, all leaders in our unit could enter unit activities with multiple scouts & leaders AND they could toggle to their ‘parent’ account and enter items for their own Scout.

2 - Currently, if a non-leader parent in our unit goes on, they can enter items for their Scouts.

3 - Currently if a leader parent in our unit goes on, we can enter unit activities with multiple scouts; however, we canNOT enter items for our own Scouts as we are getting an error message after entering in all of the information. We are able to toggle to our parent account; click on our Scouts logs, and enter everything, but we receive an error message when trying to save / finish.

In looking into this further, I have found that when following directions implicitly as given to us in the forum here: https://help.scoutbook.scouting.org/knowledge-base/as-a-parent-or-youth-how-do-i-record-a-new-activity/

Our Scouts are NOT showing up under the ‘registered youth’ section of the pop-up. Instead, it says ‘one youth or leader’, but no one is selected and there is not a way to select them from that window.

Everything else is working as it should. Is this a known issue that is being worked on or have we bumbled something on our end so it no longer works? If the latter, how do we rectify it so we can again enter our Scouts’ activities?

I appreciate your time and guidance.